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Fishing Report

January 2020

                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

                 I hope everyone had a great holiday season. 

As the new year starts so does the near shore fishing bonanza. The near shore reefs and wrecks and ledges are holding tons of delicious southern sheepshead and snapper. There are also plenty of shots at tripletail, cobia and mackerel to be had out in the near shore gulf waters. For you anglers looking to take home a great meal or just put a bunch of fish boat side a near shore trip is for you. 

In the backcountry and inshore waters there are plenty of trout, redfish, jacks, bluefish, flounder and ladyfish to keep you busy. A back country trip is a good choice for you anglers that like to toss artificial baits as these fish will take soft plastics and twitch baits quite aggressively. For you anglers that like to take a little more of a relaxing approach to fishing, shrimp under a cork will also produce a ton of these fish without the workout of having to casting a hundred times. 

No matter what the winter weather brings (within reason) I can get you out on the water catching fish. 

Book your trip today and lets go fishing.      

For daily fishing reports you can either text or call me at 941-416-8047. 

Tight lines,

Capt. Mike